Thursday, December 28, 2006

Service Communication

For a few of time I don't write in this post.
The problem is the time (not only my knowlegde about the english language ;))
I hope to find the time for know better the italian political situation and to explain abouyt them for the foreign people.
Now my priorities are
  • job;
  • jmt, a tool in Java for software's measurement;
  • my italian blog;

Thank you for all the people that have me read.

Don't worry and remember

The fusis kruptesthai filei

("The nature like to hide hemself")

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The china is'nt a good businnes... but only for the italian people

The italian enterprise in China:
1)10% the mean of rise's ratio of the GROSS in China;
2)There's 1.428 italian enterprises in China;
3)About 1428 italian enterprises the 83% are enterprises of mean or big dimension;
4)3.700.000.000 euros is the balance of trade balance between Italy and China; this is in favour of China;
5)In 2005 the italian export is rised of 18.6%;
6)The FIAT builds in China only 40.000 car by year;
7)The chinase investments are of dollars; from 2003 their medium annual rate is 36%;

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

From the's blog

Free-market capitalism is a network of free and voluntary exchanges in which producers work, produce, and exchange their products for the products of others through prices voluntarily arrived at. State capitalism consists of one or more groups making use of the coercive apparatus of the government… for themselves by expropriating the production of others by force and violence.

— Murray N. Rothbard, The Logic of Action (1997)

Why in Italy is'nt a Rothbard ? :-(

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Why I have opened this blog also I don't speak very good English?

Four response:
1) I don't speak very good English and I think that for improve need to writer: the blog is now the best instrument for this;
2) I'm a little exhibitionist;
3) I like to exchange the experiences and the opinions with the other people. I like software, science, literature, story, philosophy and politics.
4) I like also to tell about the italian politics and society from "inside", that is to say italian events explained from an italian.

A bientot (to soon)